Our World, Our Life.

I suppose it is the dream of every small town girl, to get out there, see the world, and experience life. My dream is beyond that, however. My deepest desire in life is to travel the ENTIRE world, because what else do we have, if not Mother Earth and her inhabitants?

I question a lot, but never this earth, a wondrous thing that I can run my fingers through and lay upon, feeling the hum of nature awaken my veins. I want to gaze up at the Himalayan mountain range, feel the spirit of the Ganges river, listen to the melodies of France before the Eiffel tower. I want to trail across the African safari,  sit under the shade of Hawaiian palm and stand in the snowfall of Moscow's center. Who can be content with knowing their home, and only that? The WORLD is my home, all of it, and no place alone.

Call it a restless spirit, but I crave the new, though yet, I suppose it is all old... But isn't that the beauty of our world, as old as life itself, it IS life, yet somehow new and ever-changing. Our world, full of miraculous and beautiful diversity among people and creatures, all following their own interpretation of what it means to live.

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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

very deep..........nice to know someone who craves as much as me to travel the world..........though i have visited many countries....but havent visited the one which im dying to go.........its america......and guess soon i will land there.......cheers