Traveling Plans

I have a list of places i would like to visit someday that i made a few years back. I've already crossed two cities off my list but I still have a lot more. I'm hoping that i'll be able to go to at least most of those places if not all of them before I am unable to travel anymore. Currently i'm saving up for a trip to Tokyo and Hong Kong. I have some friends there that i haven't seen face to face in a long while. It will be awhile before I save up all the money and go though. I feel bad taking time off from my job as I work as an emt for the fire department and am going to school as well but my desire to travel will overcome those feelings when it comes time to leave. I'm just so excited about trying the different foods and seeing all the places that those cities have to offer. I'm sure i'll get a good tour of the cities too with my friends being from there and all. My friend from Hong Kong has been telling me all about the food they have there and how I will love it! and my friend from Tokyo told me that when i do come to visit shes going to take me to clubs everynight. I think when I finally go on this trip it will be amazing or at least im hoping so.
00jae00 00jae00
18-21, F
Aug 17, 2011