I Went to Spain Tonight

I went to Seville Spain tonight with Rick Stevens...TV armchair travel its called.  It was lovely the scenery, the people, the restaurants and the tour.

I figure I really cannot travel like I used to when I was a travel agent...Not only because I don't get those great deals now, but I do have alot of aches and I never know when I'm not going to be able to do alot of walking.

There is no longer my husband by my side..since I am a widow.  I have traveled without him of  course, because I have been a widow for a while but it would be wonderful just to have someone to share these trips with me even if its just TV travel with Rick Stevens..We could dream and plan trips. Maybe we will even take one..Anyone who is with me will probably go to my home which is Jamaica.

I'll always dream of travel and always keep a list of my dream destinations....but I am looking forward to sharing these dreams....  

csan csan
61-65, F
May 26, 2008