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Absolutely, Someday

I dream of being able to travel the world and just go. Stop at St. Helena, visit the Falklands, see the sights in Istanbul, walk the streets of London, fly into Israel, have a camel ride into Egypt, cross into Nepal, sail to Australia & New Zealand, hop over to Java, stay at Hong Kong, take in the atmosphere in Tokyo, freeze in Alaska then Siberia, and run with the Lapps in Sweden as they track the reindeer.
But it is all someday and maybe. Who knows?
PrairieDog71 PrairieDog71 41-45, M 1 Response Jun 9, 2012

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Absolutely a MUST!!!!....I want to and will when kids are all grown up and are able to be on their own I'll do that on my own...there's so much to explore and I wanna see the world...;)

Yeah, I've read about them all, but I'm stuck in Indiana for 5 yrs anyhow.

well you still can do it after that 5yrs thingy huh!!...:)

Yeah, my only limitation may be financially, but I can always work for a place that will send me places. :)

Yeah..I need to save like crazy...hmm..who knows maybe one day you'll be in one of those place and we'll be standing right next to each other and we both wouldn't even know..*giggles*...:)

I don't know, you have a distinctive laugh, I think I might know. *smile* :))

Ooops!!..then I better *giggle* softly so you won't hear me..*winks* :))

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