I Want To Just Drop Everything And Travel

Have you ever thought about just dropping everything and leaving to see the world? Im young i want to see the world ive thought about getting out of the army for a couple years to just go see the world, like backpack through europe theres this thing called the camino santiago pilgrimage its a 500 mile trek around spain takes 3 months to do anybody want to go? lol i am going to do this, I also want to travel around asia and see the buddhist monasteries, point is I want to live i wanna see the world theres so much to this life that we take for granted and i think itd be an amazing experience!!
dwick91 dwick91
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Amen, brother! Ever since college and AmeriCorps, I crave traveling. It's such an experience to have!!!