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In our late twenties my wife and I traveld to Europe on 3 different occassions. I was hesitant at first, "why travel and why go to Europe?", my wife was convinced that if I went I would get the European travel bug, well, I got it!

Our first trip was to Madrid Spain, this was an easy one, my wife is from Purto Rico so she is fluent in Spanish, and not to mention, we had a free place to stay, her grandparents had an apartment for us and in addition, my wifes Aunt and Uncle lived there, so instant travel and histroy guides to boot! What an awesome place, only saw a small part of the country and can't wait to get back to experience more.

The next year it was off the Ireland, where I have relatives, so it was B&B's and relatives hosues. Great time, Ireland is so beautiful and easy to travel around with great poeple. thought this was kind of funny, we visited 3 seperate relatives and on two different occassions we had Turkey for dinner, lol, I guess the image of Thanksgiving.

Our final trip was to Venice and Rome Italy, Venice is hands down my favorite place I have visited, anyone must put this on their bucket list. No cars, just boats and walking, so peaceful, plus we went in Feb and beginning of Maarch, so no crowds.

Poof, then we started to have or kids, Part 2 will be later wheneveryone is older.
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Jan 9, 2013