This morning here it was all humid and mild and all of a sudden I was reminded of Asia, and places like the Daintree rainforest north of Cairns (Australia). I haven't wanted to go traveling for ages but maybe it is time to go again soon. Time to pick up some new experiences in real life?

And no, Wildernessgirl, we won't need the GPS...

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To travel,to be free,to be spontaneous and travel.Anywhere,any time would be great for me. I've always wanted to travel,but not on my own. I've only started travelling in the past few years,I've been to Melbourne,Sydney,Hamilton Island,New Zealand twice,once I flew over and the other time I went on a crews.I want to travel more,I love it.Next stop Fijian Islands on a crews.

I've always wanted to go snorkling in Pago Pago, an atoll so nice, they named it twice.

Faucon Australia is a great place to visit - probably the time for US people to come would have been mid-financial crisis when the Aus dollar was low. Now it's high we probably seem a little pricey. The beaches here are gorgeous and the beach to inhabitant ratio pretty good in most places. <br />
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This morning for some reason I was thinking of going back to places I've enjoyed - Malaysia, lol even Singapore, Japan again - but it would be nice to go somewhere new too. China, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Inda/Bangladesh/Pakistan, Sri Lanka, so many places to go!!!

Don't forget your camera, take a lot of pics and share on EP.<br />
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I hope you can find your way back to EP without a GPS

Jophiel at the moment it's a whim... until WG books those flights and turns it into a reality (wish it was just the two of us - having five flights makes the o/s vacation a little expensive)

Are you two ready for that vacation?? Get packing, and taste the beauty of the world. Is this a whim or reality?<br />
We shall see. Good luck:)

It is okay Roj. I'll swap my need for a GPS for OS travel anyday! Shall I start looking for airflights?