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This is my problem. I broke up with my ex boyfriend last year. This year i foudn this guy and we had a thing going on he was in my class and all but our relashionship was on facebook. he would never talk to me in person then one day his friend told him to let me go. he did then after 2 months he asked for me again i accepted and i dont know why. it looks like hes to emabressed to be seen with me. plus i think he has something going with this other girl but when i ask him he always says no but how could i trust him? Now my ex boyfriend and I have something going on. my ex doesnt look like hes emabrressed to be seen with me hes always talking with me and we r like best friends. Just yesterday he told me he liked me and we should get back together. I have strong feelings for my ex but I dont know what to do with the other boy because i love him as well?? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
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1 Response May 20, 2012

I Am A Pychic If U Need Help Please Dont Worrie Im ill help you throw every thing depression career friendships love marrages family and more ........ contace me ...... okay ill talk 10am-10pm okay ill be here for you text me and ill be there