let's edit this:

i want to trust someone completely without getting hurt.

i've trusted in the past, and i'm just not ready to feel that pain again. it's not fair to me.

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3 Responses Jan 25, 2009

What a beautiful sexy doll you are if this is your picture. I am sorry you are having trouble trusting someone. A person needs to have trust in a relationship. To me my word is my bond. If i say i am going to do something i will do it or there is a good reason why i did not do this or go where i said i was goint to be.

Everyone would love to trust someone completely without getting hurt, and I understand where you are coming from and can relate to your pain. <br><br />
However, I want to trust someone completely... and if I could do that and really live in it and be happy with no insecurities... I would hope that I wouldn't get hurt - but I'd take it if I had to if it meant that I could put my whole heart and soul into something again without holding back. <br><br />
I'm sure if I put my complete trust in who I feel I should be putting all my trust in that I wouldn't be disappointed... but I still can't seem to just let go and do it.

its hard to tust completely. people have made it almost impossible. hope ya find it.