This Has Got To Be The Mercedes Benze Of Riding ******

I saw it on you-tube and checked out the price. For a womanit is nearly $2,000 with all the asscessories. For a man it is a ltittle less, but no bargan...I wonder if they new and rebuilt Sybians or if you could build your own.
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

I've seen used sybians on Ebay, but I wouldn't buy a used sex toy there.

You can check some of the online sites for one, some of them (like Adam and Eve) will have specials with "any one item 20% off".

Or just check around, I almost bought one for an ex GF and it was only about $650 a few years ago. With how popular they are and how many other companies sell them, I can;t imagine the price has gone up that much.

Thanks, Vwand, I appreciate the thoughts. I'll look around and see what I can find before I buy "factory direct."