I Would Like Anal.

I've had girlfriends use strap-ons on me in the past and I enjoyed it very much, but I want REAL anal. I want to feel the warm shaft penetrate me, want the full warmth of *** inside me.

Lucky1369 Lucky1369
22-25, T
2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

same here would like to give and recieve if some one near would care to meet.

A wonderful feeling I experience is that you dont push the **** in like *******<br />
a ****, rather a slight force to enter past the sphincter ring then it's like the<br />
*** shaft is a vacuum, the pressure/force is to pull it back to the beginning<br />
and then let it be pulled back in; kinda like ******* in reverse. Awesome, <br />
especially when receivee has the Anal ******.