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The First Time

This is just a story. It didn't happen to me but I surely wish it, or something like it, would. I got considerable sexual enjoyment writing it, and I hope you get as much reading it.

We had met at a party hosted by a mutual friend and, finding ourselves together in a corner of the room, started to chat. He was pleasant looking and nicely spoken and I was instinctively drawn to him somehow so found we were happy to remain in the party but not of it. I can’t honestly say what led us to talk of fetishes, but to my great delight, after several cautious approaches, we got on to Adult Babies and it soon became apparent that my new friend was not only understanding but was one himself. His pleasure and, I suspect relief, at learning that I was one too was obvious and when I ventured to suggest that we should meet again somewhere else, he agreed and invited me round to his flat later in the week. With a smile he added that he expected me to be wearing a nappy and baby knickers when I came and, as I told him I was almost certain to have wet my nappy, said he would be happy to change me if I would do the same for him. We were drawn back into the party at this point and were unable to isolate ourselves again until it was time to leave, but I had his address and was impatient for the day of our next meeting to arrive.
When at last it came, I went round to his place in nappy and rubber knickers as agreed and had wet my nappy twice before I found it and a parking spot as close as possible. I was excited enough about the coming visit and it was added to by my having to walk more than a block in what I felt was a very obvious bulging nappy – even the rustle of the baby waterproof pants sounded excessively loud – and the bulk of the wet nappy making me waddle rather than walk. The front door was opened cautiously with Ron peering round from behind it. He greeted me warmly, and eyed my bulging crotch appreciatively and the reason for his caution became apparent when he showed himself clad only in a T shirt which did nothing to conceal the nappy and rubber pants beneath.. “You look as if you might have wet your nappy, may I feel it to check?” “Of course, Ron, and then I think I had better check yours as I reckon that bulge can’t be all nappy”. As I spoke, his hand slipped eagerly down inside the elastic waistband of my rubber knickers then, having felt the saturated nappy, went inside it and grasped my stiffening ****. With an appreciative murmur he squeezed it gently and started to caress its stiffening length. With rising excitement, I quickly slipped my hand inside his nappy and found his penis, already stiff and throbbing, and commenced fondling it then pulling it rhythmically. Suddenly Ron said “No, this isn’t the place” and, quickly withdrawing his hand, stepped back so that mine slipped from his nappy also. “Come on, John, come up to the bedroom and let’s change our nappies”, leading the way up the corridor as he spoke. The queen size bed already had a baby change mat spread on it and Ron indicated that I should lie down and be changed first. I lay down and raised my hips to allow him to pull down my rubber knickers to my ankles, settling back when he started to pull back the tabs on my disposable nappy. Drawing back the front he gazed at my stiffening **** “What a lovely **** you have, John. I thought it would be when I felt it in your nappy. He fondled it, making it hard and throbbing before letting it go and pulling my wet nappy out between my legs. “I’ll get back to that lovely ***** in a moment. First we must dry you off properly – don’t want you getting nappy rash”. He poured some baby oil on to his hand and with the other, pushed my legs up and back over my head so that my bottom cheeks were tight and spread and raised from the bed. Spreading the oil over my bottom, he paid particular attention to the crack, running his fingers right down it as far as my balls, pausing only to circle my anus a few times in a tantalising manner. As he did this, I felt my ******* clench tightly almost as if in defence, but his finger didn’t penetrate which, I realised, disappointed me. . He let my legs go back to the bed and ran his oily hand over my **** and balls before closing his fist around my shaft and starting to slide it up and down. I groaned with pleasure and started to lift my hips in a ******* motion as he tightened his grip and pushed his other hand under my bottom to find my oily ******* and, this time, apply more and more pressure with his finger until at last it slipped inside. “You like that, don’t you my dear. I can tell by the extra jerk of your **** as I pushed it in. Might have to try you with an anal plug a bit later?’ The thought and his finger in my bottom tipped me over the edge and I came more violently than I can remember doing so before. When I got my breath back, I lifted myself to a sitting position, Ron’s finger slipping out of my bum and his hand releasing my softening ****. “Now it’s my turn, you dear man, lie down on the bed while I get that very wet nappy off you”. John took my place with a smile and I eagerly pulled down his rubber pants, keen to see his **** for some reason. I undid the nappy and, pulling it back, looked down at his penis as it lay, semi stiff, against his belly. It seemed quite long but not as thick as mine, and had a lovely blue-ish tint to the bulbous head. Looking at it, I felt my own **** stir in response. Recalling the job in hand, I pulled his wet nappy out from under his bottom and put it with mine in the nappy bucket and rolled him over to look after his bottom. As he had done to mine, I oiled his *** cheeks and crack then, pulling the buttocks apart, and holding them open with one hand, I toyed with his anus before forcing a finger into the tightly clenched hole. Ron groaned and raised his *** to aid the penetration so I added another finger and stretched the hole and slid deeper into the slippery heat before starting to frig his bum hole to his obvious pleasure. After a moment or so, Ron begged me to stop, so I pulled my fingers out with a definite plop and he rolled over on to his back to reveal a rock hard **** ******* and slapping back against his belly.
I took hold of it intending to massage it but instead, impelled by a sudden impulse, stooped down and kissed the throbbing tip, tasting the salty pre-*** the was oozing from the open eye. Again, suddenly, I just had to take it into my mouth and did so, enjoying the gasp of surprised pleasure from Ron. Wetting the length with my tongue as I slid his **** deep into the back of my mouth, I started to move my head up and down so his **** slid in and out of my tightly closed lips and, sliding a hand under his lifting bottom, found and penetrated his ******* with an oily finger. “Oh John, please stop”. His anguished cry made me obey immediately. “Why. Don’t you like it Ron?” “Oh God, yes, of course I do, but I don’t want to *** just yet. Do you mind?” “Of course not, Ron. I’m sure whatever you have in mind will be great” “You are a dear to say that, John, and you have no idea how much I hope that you continue to feel that way”. A little mystified at this turn of events, I still couldn’t help the tingle of excitement that seemed centred in my groin “So what would you like me to do, Ron?”
He got up off the bed, his long ***** standing out from his balls, pulsing rhythmically and still shiny from my sucking. I gazed at it mesmerised and his reply only tended to increase the excitement I felt. “You have a simply gorgeous bottom, John, did you know that? Would you mind if I looked at it properly? It wouldn’t offend you if I played with it a little?” “No, dear Ron, of course not. It’s lovely being naked together and so intimate” and I found that I really meant what I said and even that I probably wouldn’t mind what he did. “What a lovely man you are, John. Would you be a dear and go and kneel on the edge of the bed for me”. The almost certain knowledge of what he had in mind didn’t stop me from going to the bed and kneeling on the edge with my bare bottom stuck up in the air as he had asked. “Oh, what a lovely, lovely bum you have, and such a pretty little *******”. I looked back under my arm and saw his penis jutting out, long and thin and rock hard, swaying and ******* as he walked towards me. The thought of what might happen from this meeting crystallised into absolute certainty and I found that I wasn’t at all concerned at the thought that another man’s **** was about to be forced up my bottom – on the contrary I felt erotic excitement and actually thrust my bare buttocks towards him in blatant invitation. Looking back again I saw that Ron was sliding his hand up and down the shaft of his rigid **** and I actually felt a tinge of disappointment that he seemed to be going to ********** and *** all over my proffered bottom instead of penetrating it. Then I realised that what he was doing was oiling it thoroughly and my excitement returned and my eyes became riveted on the now glistening length of rigid penis that was about to stretch my virgin *******. Ron stopped behind me and, placing one hand on my hip, used the other to guide the tip of his **** to push against the now the clenched entrance to my back passage. Ron’s voice was soothing. “Relax, John darling. I’ll be careful but you will have to let me into your darling little rose hole, you know, or Ill never be able to enter you without hurting you.” As he finished speaking he gave a sudden thrust with his penis and I felt his **** head pop inside my bottom. He had been speaking in such a soothing tone that I had relaxed entirely, including my clenched *** hole, so the pain of his penetration of my virgin anus was diminished, but it was enough to make me give a little cry of surprise. Ron was immediately contrite, apologising for his eagerness and asking if I wanted him to pull his **** out of my bottom. The feeling of his ***** pulsing in my *** was incredible and I knew that I wanted more, not less of it. “Oh God no, Ron, push it in further. Push your lovely **** right up me. It feels so good …” I was almost babbling in my excitement and only knew that I wanted him to **** my *** and *** inside me. I was amazed at how submissive I felt, only wanting to give my man pleasure. My own **** stiffened as he worked his penis into me with short little jabs until I felt his pubic hair against my naked buttocks and I knew that I had taken his full length up me. He commenced ******* my *** with longer, quick strokes but in a very short time I heard him cry out with pleasure and I felt him collapse against my back as his penis let go its jets of hot *** right up inside me. Then the delightful feeling of his **** softening in my bottom before slipping out with an audible plop accompanied by a trickle of his ***, mixed with my anal fluid, making its way down my crack to my balls. I felt almost elated. I was no longer a virgin and looked forward to taking Ron’s **** up me many more times, just as much as I looked forward to pushing my **** up his lovely bottom.
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Have to say, although not gay my self ( or at least I don't think I am ) I still enjoyed your story, Life to me is about experience fun and enjoyment, it is also about tollerance and and understanding, and being here on EP and getting my self around it I have been able to link up with some very interesting people, thanks for the stories they are all well written.

Thanks sumrocs, so glad you enjoyed it. I thought it would be good if we could meet, too and the descipton of what would happen sounds deliciously exciting xxx

I would like that very much, willybobs. I think it could be exciting, don't you xxx