My First Double Penetration

My introduction to DP’s happened …OMG …Almost four years ago. Amazing how time flies.  I was almost 15 when it happened.  I got initiated into group sex super early, mostly bcuz of my crazy lifestyle. I was born and raised in Hawaii (North Shore Oahu) by a mutant liberal aunt.  

My real mom was waay too young to raise me.  She was just 15 when I was born.  My real father was a tourist boy, who basically ****** her, flew off the island a day later. I was her sex mistake. I definitely got moms bad girl genes.  I got into sex at 12, lost my V-card at 13, mostly by accident.  Become a pleasure seeking, bong hitting, surfer girl soon after:

I practically lived on the beach:

I lived for big waves and big *******.  I "worked it" so I could get them:

I've since let 11 different guys **** me inside an abandoned movie theater which was under remodel. If you’re interested, read the story “Hyena In Heat” I’ve done other things since, I’ll write about later.  

Anyway, this story is about my first time.  One afternoon, I was hanging out at the local beach wearing my favorite bikini. I had a nice, dark Hawaiian tan that year.  I've always worked keeping my body “hard” which made me popular with the local surf boys! Here’s a pic of me when I was 15:

I was pretty muscle "hard" back then, just not as skinny as now!

So anyway, my circle of surf buddies were beginning to let me know that I was growing into a young woman with their hot looks and such.  I’d started to get some sexual confidence and having lost my virginity a year before I was beginning to want to try moving up to the "big waves" so to speak.  That day, for some reason, I was the only local surfer girl on the beach. All the other girls, who we usually there, were in town shopping or something. That day, it was just me and 7 local surf boyss, three of whom I’d known nearly all my life and one whom I'd already slept with.  We’d been FWB’s (friends with benefits) and he was the guy I gave my virginity to.  

One of the surfers (my FWB) lived just a block off the beach.  I suggested we all go to his place for some snacks and beer. His parents were the cool kind that let all the surfers come over and “hang” and we’d go over pretty much every day to raid their fridge (and kitchen) of food, snacks, coke sometimes even beer, rum and whiskey.  

That day, I wore this Brazilian string bikini (thong) and It was pretty skimpy:

So anyway, we all went to his house and we went down into the basement to listen to music and play some pool. One of the new guys said he was a pretty good pool player and we all thought he was bull-********.  He started to do a few basic shots and sunk them but they were not super hard tricks. 
Then he set up this shot that looked almost impossible to me and he bet five dollars that he could sink 3 balls.  All the guys bet him he couldn't make it.  Well of course, I had no money, wearing just a string bikini, I had no place to stash any cash.  

One of the boys jokingly said:  If he makes it, you gotta take off your top as his payment!   Being I didn't have cash and being I thought he probably wouldn't make the shot, I sort of just said okay to it.  It seemed pretty difficult and even if he did make it, the guys had seen me in bikinis, one had already slept with me total naked.  Letting these boys see my little ******* …Ummm was like totally no big deal to me.

Naturally the guy makes this incredible shot.  I reach back to untie my bikini top. My FWB comes over and pulls off my top.  He throws it on the pool table and starts groping my ****, without even asking.  Since we'd already ******, he took "liberties" with my body.  

He pushes me against the pool table.  Sucks on my ****, tickles down my belly and starts groping my hips and thighs, in front of the guys. Being kissed and groped, in front of all the guys OMG got me totally excited.  I sat up on the pool table, spread my legs. He bends down and starts kissing my bikini bottom.  I laid back, wrapped my legs around his neck.  He starts tonguing the crotch of my bikini.  He tickles my ***** with the tip of his tongue.

I closed my eyes, gave a soft moan. I remember feeling my **** pulsate with pleasure.  My ***** became super "juicy." I remember my inner thighs trembled with expectation of an ******.  Being with so many guys OMG it was like a super sexual "rush." I basically got mini *******, just from the "moment" of it.  The guy who just did the pool trick gets down up the pool table.  He starts kissing my ****.  My nipples were already hard. He starts sucking.  Another guys bends over to suck my other nipple.  Both guys start flicking their tongues across my nipples.  My voice cracked a bit.  I remember moaning "mmm"  "oooh"  "ahhh."  

I was getting totally wet and excited.  My hips were on fire ...OMG ...My ***** felt like volcanic lava.  Two more guys start kissing my belly from both sides.  They tongues slide down my belly, toward my hips. OMG ...I basically lost it. I remember wanting my FWB to pleasure my ***** "directly" with his tongue.  I lift my hips, pull down my bikini:

I slithered my bikini off my *****, down my legs and kicked it off my feet.  I spread wide, exposed my *****, gazed at all the guys.  I whispered: "Let's ****."  They hesitated a bit.  They try  to decide, who will go first.  I simply said: "Stop deciding …I want you all ...same time!"

I grabbed some sofa cushions and put them down on the pool table.  I laid down and spread my legs so that they could all see my vagina. I have a small ***** and I had totally shaved "Hollywood style" since I've always been a bikini addicted surfer girl.  I also like the surface area of my entire vagina to come in contact with ****, not body hair, which gives all my sensitive nerve endings more contact with ****, which gives me more pleasure. 

Anyway, the guys had no complaints. Seemed they were mesmerized by my sexual aggressiveness.  I like to suck on a guy's penis, to wet it with my saliva before guys enter my ***** and ***, especially same time.  This day I wanted more than one guy so I gave a quick glance to all the guys to decide which **** I wanted where.  I put the biggest **** into my mouth and swallowed it.  I sucked him hard then grabbed his shoulders and pushed him down on the sofa with me. I got him to lie on top of me I grabbed his **** and pushed into my *****. I remember his **** slipped in all the way, right from the first stroke.  I was so horny that afternoon; I remember it was like so easy to get ******* with him.  I’d guess he was about 7 inches long and I remember I didn’t need to work or do anything he just slipped in and we both got into great rhythm.  

I remember feeling this wonderful ******* sensation and seeing six boys standing in a circle around me.  I start to see dicks poke out and I waved them to come over with my hands.  I remember I rolled the boy on top of me over on his back so I could see all the guys and suck them.  I straddled his hips and we ****** cowgirl about 10 seconds before I see boys stuffing their **** into my face from both sides.  I start sucking their ***** giving quick licks and suck to all the boys in front of me.  In between, I called to the other two boys were not joining us.  I told them all I’d suck all their ***** and pulled down two of the guys board shorts, who were shy and sucked their ***** first to make sure they wouldn’t chicken **** out of doing stuff with me.  I got one new boy into my mouth, hed never been sucked before and OMG I sucked it all the way down and he came inside me and then I pulled it out and stuck out my tongue and sucked another **** down before swallowing.  

I remember grabbing one boy, whose **** wasn’t that thick, but fairly long and I sucked it with lots of spit, getting it super slippery.  I immediately pull him back, toward my *** with my hand.  As I moved him down my body I had to maneuvered him around his friends who were wondering what I was going to do.  I pushed him around my legs, and pulled him down toward my ***, which was rocking up and down on another **** by that point.  I push the head of his **** down toward my ***.  I sucked the other ***** in front, while me slowly working his **** up into my *** from behind. I’d done only one DP ********* before that day and the first time didn’t go well.  So this day, I was eager to work this right, having failed before and being totally **** hungry with a group of seven boys in front of me I wanted (needed) not just one boy while all the others sit around watching us.  So that day, I tried to satisfy all boys (same time) and I got my first real DP gang bang.

The feeling of multiple ***** in all my sex holes felt f**king fantastic to me. I’ve always been a bit of a tom boy and being a surfer girl, I look to things that are exhilarating like big waves, high pipe boarding.  I’ve never minded a bit of pain to go through just to get some pleasure of something way bigger and better.  For me, that day was how DP’s felt and I got totally addicted to it.  

Now there simply no faster way to make me *** then having multiple dicks inside all my holes (same time) and I hopefully will get to enjoy doing/trying it more often …basically every chance I get.
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