I Dream Of Dp.

I watch ****. I watch DP ****. I want to do DP. Seriously, two dicks in my body, rubbing against each other is very, very hot. Being the middle of a man sandwich, surrounded by muscles. God. I long to feel that second **** sliding up my *** stretching me out against an already full *****. I want to be brought to ****** again and again as I am used like a plaything. I want to feel two men explode their hot *** onto my holes. I want to feel two men orgasming together inside of me.
omgseriously omgseriously
36-40, F
4 Responses May 9, 2012

Have you tried it with toys yet?

I would like to try dp with you

I just want to find out , does women talk about trying dp with their girl's?

Oh yes! Me too! I love a toy in my *** while my husband ***** my ***** hard. I would love to have two hard ***** in me filling me up! I would love to experience dp too!

Ive done it with my wife and it awesome