My Drawing Look Like An Amatuer...

damn...i dont know whether i should keep drawing as my hobby anymore..

i think i am good ..but i am just some stupid amatuer drawing..who thinks himself good
and only can show to children...get a life bro...

anybody can do that with much time and effort...

sometimes i feel inspire some times i dont..

i am just too shy to show to everyone else..

i dont like criticism...but i also dont like people saying
pretend to be good..damn...all seems bad to me...or..maybe
this is connected to my self confidence...

ProjectF ProjectF 22-25, M 2 Responses Aug 1, 2012

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thank show me a new kind of window that i can try take a look..

if you enjoy drawing, then who cares if you're good or not, just draw : )

It sounds like you want to draw to say that you are good though.

If that's the case, might I recommend some other hobbies that are require less creative and artful input.

a competitive sport of some kind, maybe football, soccer, swimming, tennis. With those, you can focus on getting better instead of putting something deeper into it.

a recreational sport of some kind, one that you can practice on your own, like gymnastics or parkour. people seem to like that.

magic. Mentalism, card magic


'creative' hobbies that don't actually need any creativity put in. design, music, dance