My First Was Italian Food..

I remember growing up and we basically ate the same thing week to weeek. I lived with the grandparents and my grandfather and I would go fishing on the weekends - everyweekend.  So 3 days out of the week we ate fish - and not the fillet of fish kind - the whole fish fried up kind with the eyeball looking at you while you ate it *uughh*. And the other days it was fried chicken and veg-a-tables - as my grandmother would say or roastbeef  and mashpotatoes(my favorite). And once everyblue moon we would have takeout - pizza or chinese food- I always got Shrimp egg foo young.

So When I got out on my own I tried every kind of food I stumbled across - my first was Italian food - real italian food. I feel in love with the Pasta made with the Ziti noodles and the home made sauce that took damn near all day to cook *Yum* - as you can imagine, store bought sauce tastes yucky to me now. It came with the big meatballs about the size of your fist and pieces of sausage and pieces of pork that was actually cooked in the sauce. My favorites were  the Brazhul <--- Im sure I didnt spell that right. The kind I had was made of thinly sliced lamb with small pieces of cheese and spinach in the middle. My other favs are Bruschetta and Pancetta pasta - this one was a real smiple dish but tasted oh so good. The kind I had - they sliced the pancetta up into small pieces and cook it with chopped up garlic and salt, pepper, and olive oil and i think maybe topped of with a little parmasean cheese. Oh and the whole garlic cloves baked in the oven in olive oil and salt and pepper - so simple and so delicious.When they are done you just squeeze them out of the clove.
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I love the naan bread too! I liked the other indian dished - but my stomach didn't - Im wondering if it were the different spices - Im going to try it again hopefully my stomach will act better this time