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I've read a fair amount about hypnotherapy.  I'm not sure if I'm able to be hypnotized or not.  I think 10% of people are not able to be hypnotized.  I think regression therapy would be a good thing for me.  I don't remember large portions of my childhood and I'm sure I could discover some things about myself if I could go back there in my mind. 
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Current thinking amongst serious hypnotists is that anyone with an IQ of about 70 or more can be hypnotised if they wish, with the debatable exception of schizophrenics. Some people will take a lot longer than others to learn to go into a trance, but that does not make them a worse subject. Furthermore a lot of the most useful techniques are eyes open, wakeful processes that do not require the somnambulistic state that most lay people think of as hypnosis.
I would highly recommend using Timeline Therapy as both safer and more effective than regression. Most NLP practitioners are trained in this methodology.

Are you serious? Hypnotism isn't anything like the movies. You are still fully awake and involved. <br />
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Of course you don't remember childhood that much. Nobody does unless it was traumatic. Leave it alone. Next thing is past lives, right? Give me strength. Why do people want to risk their swanity when they are fine as is. I guess they'll just have to find out and then they can whinge about it.

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I have been to hypnosis classes, can't say I've been hypnotize...but found it very refreshing

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No I haven't, I'd like to though. I just went to see a regular therapist today, someone I had not seen before. I'm just getting started in attempting therapy but this is my 3rd therapist in 3 months and it looks like another strike out. I really don't think regular talking therapy is going to help me much. I think I'd like to do some regression therapy. And I really want to try past-life regression therapy too. All that stuff is very expensive though. Maybe I can start small and buy a CD. Thanks Warmth :)

I don't do past life regression, but I am happy to give people a sample internet session so you can experience what hypnotherapy can do for you.