Wanking With A Friend

I have become increasingly addicted to ************. I have a fiancee who has a sexy body and is loving in all ways but I still enjoy ************. I have tried many time to have her ********** with me but she will not. She will however watch me as I do. She can be encouraging also.

Well yesterday while I was outside my neighbor came up to our fence and she kept looking at the crotch of my shorts. Well my member grew and it was noticeable. My fiancee invited her into the house and then I was trapped. I sat down but no luck my fiancee and neighbor began to talk about sex and love and penis. Well they asked me what I thought but knew already and asked me to take it out. I did and my neighbor pulled her shorts down and began to show me hers. Well I was told to stroke while looking at my neighbor. It was awkward but fullfilling. I want to find another person to do this with more often.
tugone tugone
41-45, M
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

**** awkward that is friggin hot.....consider yourself one lucky dude to have a gf like that