Mutual ************ Fun

I want to try mutual ************ fun!!!

It is something I have fancied doing for around five years now, but I know that I would only try this with a caring, understanding, gentle discreet guy like myself!! Anyone care to join a friendly, good looking 45yo guy from Huddersfield? I am sure we could turn each other on lol!

3 Responses Feb 24, 2009

would love to..........

Don't know where Huddersfield is... I have the feeling that it's across the pond from me... how sad! I'd LOVE to give you a hand... and a tongue... and a mouth... and... Oh my! Look at that lovely pulsating, hard **** just begging for some stroking! Gotta go and take care of it! Will be thinking of you... this ***'s for you!

Hope you find someone! Unfortunately I'm on the otherside of the world! It is something great to experience.