************ fantasy

I picture myself hanging out with a guy and we decide to watch some ****. He would start to rub himself through his pants and it would start to turn me on. Then he would pull his **** out and start jacking off. I would stop watching **** and watch him instead while I started stroking myself. I would then start to move nervously closer to him in order to lend him a hand. Then we would stroke each other and *** all over ourselves.

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13 Responses Feb 27, 2009

That sounds great! We can do that anytime.

mmmm very interesting story. would like to have the same experience. maybe add me and we can chat on yahoo.

sounds like an experience from my youth. wouldn't mind to try it again.....

Get yourselves to an adult cinema, I went to one last week in Walsall, UK and it was full of guys openly wanking or wanking eachother.

it is still hot thinking about jacking another guy off, still would have to suck his *** out of his hot ****, wold still have to try sucking his **** also

I would love to find a jack off buddy...I'm in soCal

I have honestly thought of what it would be like with another guy. Don't think i could watch him **** off with out wanting to **** it. think this would be hot with my wife being **** while i **** a guy off

I've been wanting to try ******* with someone for a while. Just not sure how to find people to do it with and stuff. I'm a str8 guy but for some reason the thought of doing this with another guy is intriguing and, to be honest, hot.

That is a stangely erotic thought.......sexy! Thank you for sharing. Maybe I should put this on the to do list. ;)

Lovely! Would love to have a whole group of buddies to do this with... stroking, watching, *******... maybe more!

If any of you want to discuss, email me at wibadger121@yahoo.com I could show my web cam, maybe eventually we could find a way to meet in person.

I would love to watch you do this. It would make me *** in my pants!

You should do this - it is AMAZING!