A Little Sumthin' Like This...

I think I know how it would go. We would both be dressed, he would be another cd. We could get together to dress a bit. But dressing can be such a turn on sometimes, you know? Maybe some **** to lighten the mood. It would start innocently enuff, lounging on the sofa together. Neither of us could stand watching the movie without touching ourselves. Light touching turns to rubbing through our panties, and eventually, we would have to pull ourselves out as it got hotter. Maybe the next move would be to rub my stocking clad leg against his. I love the feel of nylon on nylon. Of course this would only heighten our desires (i hope). Then I could gently wrap my leg around his as we both stroke in unison. Then, I think, a little eye contact and very gently I could slip my hand over his, mimicking his stroke. With a little persuasion, I could push his hand away and replace it with my own. Now I have him right where I want him. Gently stroking him as he moans softly. I would be enjoying this more than the movie now, which we have both forgotten. He would feel wonderful in my hand but I'm afraid curiosity would be too much for me. As I gently stroke, I could only think of what he may taste like. A quick glance over and we make eye contact. A sly smile on my face would be enough to let him know what I am thinking. He smiles back, and suddenly I find myself on my knees in front of him. I don't think I could help myself when it came time to take him in my mouth. I've thought about it alot as of late. I would do all I could to savor the feeling of the shaft on its way in. What now? A little sucking, a little licking. And hopefully the best head that he's had. I have to keep going, I can't seem to think of anything but his pleasure. After a while, I would know that I was doing the right thing when I can feel him swell inside my mouth. His breathing is getting more rapid, and the moans are coming quicker. I know what's coming next but I wouldn't be able to stop. I want it. I made him feel this good. Please, I want to feel it. I would be so happy as he releases himself into my waiting mouth. Fill me up. And like a good little gurl, I would swallow every drop. Gently licking him clean.

At least I think that's what would happen...

XXOO Brenda

BrendaCD BrendaCD
36-40, T
2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

very good fantasy I hope this can happen to me

Hot story, Brenda - sounds like a real fun evening. When are you going to make it happen?