Delivery Pizza Fantasy

It 'a fantasy of mine for so long that is, since when we ordered two pizzas and when the postman arrived and rang the door my wife went to open wearing only a tunic mini transparent. He took the box of pizza and placed them on a low coffee table in the living room opposite the door.
The parcel over to see them transparent in the butt, when it was lowered in order to stack the pizzas could see without coat, *** and ***** lips framed between his buttocks.
For me great excitement and also the messenger, I suppose:).
But I wanted her to take him by the hand and brought him inside, they ******** him and did a great ******* ... poor thing, I told myself, will remain with his **** tense all evening ....:P
Since then I have this fantasy and I hope we can do soon!

malpighi malpighi
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7 Responses Feb 10, 2010

sounds like a fun sexy thing to do.

good times - waiting to read more stories about your attemps to get your wife to **** the pizza guy. Will she take his **** in her mouth and suck hm tll he explodes his *** ? Or is your plan for her to ride him from the top and hump his veiny fat ******* pole in her **** hole? Maybe she should bend over the couch and allow his hard, man muscle enter her tght *** hole ( after he lubes up , of course) And then he could penetrate her from behind - slamming his balls aganst her thghs and holding on to her lucious breasts - saw your fotos of her in the tub ... awesome body.. take more pictures please !!! Maybe of the pizza guy ******* her from behind ... ?!!? <br />
Would love to see her in action sucking a big thick ***** and her face sprayed with ****. Or the bend over and take his **** in her **** or *** - **** swinging in front of her as he slams those **** holes of hers ... are you turned on as much as I am? My dck is hard thinking about her gripping the sofa as she is ****** like a ***** from behind. Thining about her ex<x>pressions of pleasure as her **** hole is pounded and hammered - good and hard until she **** on that ***** **** tool . Wowo - would love to watch ... and to join in actually, I could **** her face whle pizza guys ***** her *** - what do you think?! sd

I wish there was more female pizza deliverers

You are turned on no matter what!!

:) Yes - but I was <strong>very</strong> turned on that you'd try!

I tried to have a wardrobe mishap for the pizza guy but the pizza guy turned out to be a woman that did not seem the least bit interested! Oops, oh well!

:) Sexy clothes to answer the door - seems like a great idea to me!