I Haven't Done It Yet!

I'd LOVE to do this. The exhibitionist in me just goes wild thinking of this. Problem is ............... I'm a GUY, not a gal. It's going to be a WHOLE LOT MORE EMBARRASING for me! Just getting to the shoe store dressed in that mini skirt with no panties will be VERY revealing. I'll have to wear 5in. spike high heels with ankle straps, so that I CAN'T escape if someone or a group of someones wants to attack me, seeing as how my **** will just be hanging out there, and my *** cheeks will be peeking out from below my hemline.
Haven't figured out what to wear on the top yet. A bra? Halter top? Nothing but nipple clamps? I don't know. Anybody got any ideas? Let me know.
olnude olnude
61-65, M
Jan 12, 2013