Don't Want to Be In a Closed Relationship

Been there, done that. I love my freedom too much. But it is
not like I want to have some affair behind someone's back. I
want to free to share feelings and touch with many. Free to
explore the world (or at least this continent) and similarly
to explore sensations and emotions with more than one. Up
until now, when I was in a relationship. I have always been
faithful, even when things were going to h##l. I want to be
honest with myself and any future partner. There is just something beautiful and wonderful about sharing travel experiences with different partners. Each person adds their own flavor to that particular journey. I know there are others who free their love of freedom but still want love and touch.
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4 Responses Jul 8, 2007

None Of This Would Ever Happen, If Society Wasn't So Dam Close Minded! You Can Thank Religion For All This Bull ****! When It Comes To Religion It's Always A One Sided Story! Do What Your Heart Desires Dude, And **** What Everyone Tell You To Do! One Day I Want To Join A Group/Campaign To Make Polyamory Accepted In Society! Martin Luther King Jr. Made The Million Man March, Poly People Have The Trillion!

Have I found others? No. Between where I had been previously in Whitehorse,Yukon and now in small town Alaska there are not many women to begin with. Still just getting my feet on the ground here. But I feel it is important to let any potential mate/lover/whatever that at this point I am finding myself and as much as I dislike the 'playing the field' approach, my heart is just not there to give to one fully. I just want to travel. To travel with whomever is ready to travel when I am. Perhaps that sounds selfish but I must be true to myself.

So have you found others to share in this relationship with you?<br />
I am married, my husband is about as conservative as they come, not interested in anything out of the ordinary. I do secretly have a BF. I see now that what i want is the ability/freedom to love and share and experience life with both of them, and probably others. Maybe sex, maybe not. It's the secret part I don't like. But I didn't know I was going to feel this way when I got married. Didn't even know such things even existed. Sigh...

i here ya !