Me Three

Hi - my name is Tim and I am a recovering alocoholic.  yEAH, right.  I am an alcioholic who drinks.  I like to drink.  It makes me feel good. 

I would like to be able to Drink when I want would be great.  But, to drink when My body says drink is the thing.  I am at the control of my body.  I don't think that is a reaally bad thing.  And I also think that is a very good thing.  Alcohol has saved my life and alcohol has killed me.  I am on my fourth marriage - I know that I am not the goody two shoes of this drama, but i DO KNOW that I am not a really bad person.  I am me.  Not a bad guy, but also not a guy who has no remorse.  I often think of my ex wives.  They did not deserve me.  I know I hurt them.  But! But, I did not intend to hurt anyone.  I just want to live my life) the rest of it, in a peaceful manner./    Oh well - I am a human who is subject ot all the ailments and fraileties of humans.  Take care.

levin60kitty levin60kitty
Feb 24, 2009