Whats Next Total Shifting ???

ok lately ive been getting these wierd feelings i feel furry suddenly and sometimes i just need to get out of class and go to the rest room cause i feel im about to shift and my bones are like cracking there like trying to turn into the way a wolf has them like when in wolf form and my eyes changed to a grayish color sometimes my fangs grow when i get mad and im starting to have more streanght !!! am i close to p shifting ??? *Howls*
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I was born on a full moon , I have this "mode" where I go insane like I can't control myself I have claw like nails and some friends that are actually coyotes. I hate crowds and I can't take no more than 2 humans at a time by friend Ryan might also have wolf blood but I can't tell

i don`t know for sure, but i think you are, XD

Same with you two. I have sore shoulder akes and I have to walk on all fours when I'm out in the paddock. Lately I have had a sore back, shoulder, hands, and feet. I was born on a full moon on the 23rd of Jan 1997 and I believe that I have been close to shifting and I think I have something special about me like about wolves. I have always seemed to connect.

How did u too become wolves??<br />
<br />
(egs.bitten,spells,born with it)

yea i mean i feel alot of weird stuff and i dont now if its my bones my teeth my bones or my whole body and i walk on my front foot like im a girl and i dont now y help me please i like the feeling but i hate not nowing wat it is

Lately my phantom limbs have been abnormally strong, and it feels awkward to walk on two legs. I always feel claws and I even feel full paws and fur. It's almost always a full "shift"… I sometimes feel like my bones are moving and they hurt a lot anymore, my shoulder always feels like its being ripped from the spot its in and just everything feels wrong the way it is in human form…

yea i knwo and sometimes i have to walk on 4 legs like just did cause i p shifted !!


wat is p shifted?

P-Shift means when you physically change into wolf form/body.

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Yes you are! Those are good signs. I almost started shiftingbin class and i had to literally run to the bathroom

yea i know its just like woa hah well lets see whats next almost coming close *howls*