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I've p-shifted my teeth now I can't turn them back. EVERY tooth including molars are sharp as canine teeth. I know this because I bit a hole through my tongue with a molar tooth and the hole was large enough that it took anĀ entireĀ month to heal shut.
blanerocker blanerocker 18-21, M 8 Responses May 13, 2012

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Can you tell me how I've only learned how to shift my eyes

what method did you use?

How did you get canine teeth please respond =] !

That sucks. I remember I got my ears and tail and eyes to p-shift, and it didn't go away for a week. It sucked trying to hide it in school and stuff

I wanted to know how to full shift. I know part shift, but not full, especially since I'm not old enough to full shift

It was frustrating...I actually did it on accident. So I highly doubt I'll be able to imitate it any time soon.

No it's fine. I understand. It's frustrating with all these people going around and pretending their a wolf when they really aren't. Plus, I like how you put two and two together and actually said something about it. No one's spoken out against me other than you in the werewolf community, if nothing else, I admire you for that greatly. And yes, I know I should speak with a Therian elder. But I don't know any, they're hard to come across (for me) online or where I live

Okay, thanks for the help :D

How did you get that to happen. Please respond=]!

How did u do that

Lol, how did you manage to hide that? O.o

could you explain the accident cause that's what im going for ( freaky yes i know but i don't care)

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How do you do that

Omfg r u seriose wait what method did u use to p shift your teeth

yes, what method?


I had a friend show me the site with the method but i promised i wouldn't tell
If you recognize this (Jaz) then send me a private message

Common please tell me , I will dever tell anyone swere to god.

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yes and it hurt like a *****!!

Holly sh*t