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Turn Into The Lone Wolf

Sometimes I wish I could turn into the lone wolf and run away and never come back make a new life
diaperwolfgrowler diaperwolfgrowler 18-21, M 5 Responses Sep 26, 2012

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I'm with u

Wolves rule they are the best animal on the planet besides my dog

Im with you I want to do the samething as you so I can start a new and fresh life if you do then good luck~cheza

Where would you go ? What would you do ? What sort of a new life do you wish to make for yourself ?

Anywhere but where I'm at

Is that just because where you live seems boring ? Or is it that you feel you are not loved and understood ?

It's feeling for a girl that will never love me back

Oh that's sad..
I'm sure there's someone, somewhere, who will love you one day.. But it's hard to believe that when you're feeling rejected..


Well that is a shame dont worry you will find someone

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I feel like that too! I don't feel accepted where I live but there is this town I wish I could run to because when I'm there I am happy.