My longing to be one has been way beyond the strength it's ever been this month, and even higher this week. I get a feeling when I think about a life beyond this, and I get a feeling that I can't identify as pain or the feeling you get when you eat the most wonderfull candy in the world. It's so unbareable but I can't stop thinking of it all. I hate it... hate it... hate it.... I am literally in pain, words can't describe how much I hate this life and want to be one. I want my mind now, but in the body of a wolf. My pain taught me how amazing it would be to be a wolf, and if I had a chance to be one, I want to keep everything so I can be greatfull. I want to feel what it's like so bad.... I want it so bad... I need it so much....
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13-15, F
1 Response Nov 8, 2012

try the wolf spell