The Boy Who Broke My Heart

I was going to a dance: One I was aiming to be a perfect one. There was the boy I liked, so I just hung out with my friends. For some reason he came over. I was expecting some kind of "hey, lets hang out," but instead he cut my lip. I ran to the bathroom and sat quietly tending to my bleeding lip.
              A while later, I  came out and my lip was stinging from the pain. I wanted to enjoy myself but ended up cowering in a dark corner, trying not to cry. (this was a blackout dance, jr high, no fancy clothes or anything. just crazy people).  After about five minutes my friend, Amber, came to find me. we sat there talking a bit and soon a crowd was around us. Nathan shone a light at me seeing if I was okay and a few other guys kept bugging me about what happened. I felt to much pain to speak, mainly from the fact that all the time I have wasted on the wrong guy hurt. I was not about to open my mouth and tear the skin because if they saw it they would be screaming their heads off. It was not bad, but looks can be deceiving.
             I just hid my face and waited for them to leave. They did eventually. Worst dance of my life :(
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Jan 14, 2013