Wolf Transformations

I've always wanted to transform into a wolf, as long as I can remember. I'm picked on at school because I'm different. I've been able to pick up on things that won't usually be heard in a classroom of noisy students, and I've been having really weird dreams. I have asked one of my friends who can transform into the wolf and back, but she won't tell me how. I'm dyeing to find some thing useful to me, and have tried around 5 million 'spells' that don't actually work! It hurts me to think that my friend could be running through a forest somewhere with her pack, whilst I'm stuck in my room every night, where I can't sleep. I find that I can only really sleep well in sunlight, and that the moonlight seems to fill me with a burst of energy. I'll just look out the window for hours at a time, just moon and star gazing. I have nothing else to do!
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4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

same problem exept my friend teases me about it, l.o.l. don`t worry. and try p-shifting.

I'm one of you I have the same problem but I don't think it will ever happen

i always dream about wolves...not necessery i'm the wolf....sometimes i feel, heard, sniff, and see things in dark that i know that majory at humans don't have (arent all humans cuz have people like me and you)....when i see the moon i cant take my eyes to an another thing...i don't know why, i howl, growl ......

I know how you feel, my dream was always to turn me into a wolf, tried many spells and not got a result, the same things that you said fits me, but I'll never give up my dream, I do not care for what people think, I'm going to follow my dream to the end.

the recently discovered that I'm a therian, I did not know this before because my family does not believe in such things. I am very happy to have discovered this