I Want To Shift...

Ever since I found out that my had capabilities beyond most humans, I knew that I was a wolf. From ever since I was little I have felt a connection with them. I want to shift, but I've only done it once (physically) and a few times in my dreams. I need help learning how to physically shift. The closest I have gotten lately only made my chest, face, and head hurt. Does anyone have any good advice?
lupinexus lupinexus
18-21, M
3 Responses Feb 5, 2013

lucky, the closest i have bean (if you even count it) is farting.

if you didn't made the wolf spell....i think you can do this..it can help you

Well... I don't use spells. (Goes against my principles. ^_^)

My body does have the capability, I learned that when I went wild for the first time. I'm surprised I was able to take it.