Howl Of A Loner

Ive howled before... im not sure why but.. ive always tried to aim it at the moon. Every time i hope for an answer back... from the moon, or even others like me... but i never get any... i almost cried the last time. I started talking to the moon.. and myself. "Why wont you answer? Was i not loud enough? Am i not worthy? What the F*** is wrong with me?"

The worst part is... millions of people see the same moon as i do at the same time i do.... yet.. when i call... no one answers.... I hate feeling alone...
dthofathespian dthofathespian
18-21, M
6 Responses Feb 10, 2013

Omg yes another howler i howl every day and night I howl for others like me and I am angry at humanity I am more wolf than human I believe

i always howl, and it`s driving my family nuts XD they don`t understand my wishes, and they wont. don`t worry. i am a loner to.

I Howl Whenever I can and when no one is around in fact I heard one as im typing this reply so gotta howl back... okay done now back to typing. I have always been a wolf at heart and hope one day I can be one and I want to howl and wag my tail when im exited :) but I don't have a tail :( so...
Hope we can meet one day bye for now

i do the same thing but im still trying to actually shift into a wolf im not at the right age yet i beleive since im only 13.

i howl and talk to the moon...for no reason, I do not care if she understands me or hear me, I just know she is my friend

Me too :'( *howls*

-howls- we all need to hear eachother. wish we all had a wolven island of our own :/


Oh, yeah. :) I suppose there are.