I Have Always...

...wanted to be a wolf, be in the wild, hunt and gather, be in a close knitted "family" be close to nature, be the primal hunters of the wild, the intelligence, the agility, the power, the freedom, and ten million other things that are just screaming out wolf to me, what an amasing animal one I am envious of, and one I wish I could be.



I watched a documentary today, about wolves (youtube - search - wolf outlaw, [Narrator; David Attenbrough]) there was a clip, showing how man hunted the wolf, I actualy started crying.

the strangest thing is, if you showed me the ending of titanic or something similar it wouldn't affect me. How about yourselves?

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i don't like humans that thinks animals are more primitive..they have feelings too, some humans are irracionais.....more than animals

The misery depicted in titanic was only funny to people too detached or immature to fully understand its true implications.

Humans want to be wolves because they don't know what their own true nature is and they don't know that wolves do not see things the way romantic wannabe wolves see things. Wolves are animals, small impulsive brains and instincts, like being a retarded human. They struggle with daily hunger, they run and they work all day for the morsels they get, they have no concept of mercy, just the harsh rules of nature. Their are only a few wolflike traits that are of value to humans but, mind you, you have to BE human to appreciate them. Yes wolves are in great physical shape but lack the mind or circumstance to reflect on their physical prowess as a human who was average or less who got into excellent shape would. Even so, they a re still individually weaker than the healthy primal human.<br />
<br />
As a man that feels a greater affinity to real wolves then most truly do I can say with authority the instincual reasons humans admire wolves and also the few wolfish traits which are of value for humans to share. First of all, wolves tend to bring out an instintual admiration in humans because they are reminders of a few of our own natural traits which have been largely forgotten and forsaken in the modern world. Those aspects are as follows: Tribal structure and hierarchy, efficiency and unity within a loyal group, fierceness - fiercness in familial love and fierceness in defence, physical prowess, familiarity and sensitivity to the nature of ones territory, simplicity, companionship, primitive no-nonsense logic and sensory acuity.<br />
<br />
Being 'wolfish' and allowing the wolves to remind us of our own true natures is a good thing, wanting to be a wolf is a very shortsighted, deluded and incorrect thing. The hollywierd version of the manwolf draws more on the human instinct and dynamic than true wolfness. Returning to the wild and to simplicity, unity, loyalty and health is an awesome concept and a drive that is deep within all humans but far stronger and overt in some more than others. Those subcribing to groups such as this are obviously people whose instincts are more pronounced and compelling.<br />
<br />
I invite anyone who feels this 'call of the wild' to look at my experience groups and how I answer questions here on ep. Maybe there is one or two here on ep that may find their true home and pourpose as members of my pack -though it truly is not for everyone, only those who see and feel exactly as I do.<br />
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If anyone has interest or questions concerning myself or my pack, feel free to write.

You seem like the right person for this job, cosmically unlikely as it might seem that you and this post could end up in the same place.

My pedestrian comment is just this: hey, I live in Wisconsin, and winter is approaching. Have you ever thought about how freaking awful it would be to run around starving for around 4.5 months in absolutely frigid temperatures (it'll singe your ears) looking for food? And, by the way, there isn't any in late January.

Oh god, not KayvmanKayl again. Thought you didn't believe in "mythical creatures" or is that just vampires?

Very valid points Cityenvert, thank you.

thesorrowful, if you read my comment carefully it should clear up your question.

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Laughing, well I know who to rely on to break the icing at any given moment, could be handy to keep around.

yeah man good times.