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The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side, But If We Both Think This, We Can't Both Be Correct, Can We? This Title Is Also Very Long, And I Am One Person, So It Makes It Seem Like I Have Multiple Personalties, And I Don't, Honestly, Don't Worry

My life is complex. If I were a wolf, my life would be simple. I'd live, admire nature's beauty throughout my life, and die, hopefully in a heroic way!

Living as a human... I have become accustomed to it. To change now... to suddenly plunge into the weird and yet exceedingly wonderful unknown would be both exciting and unnerving.

The trouble is... I am a wolf. In a human body. I adjusted. Not perfectly, but close enough.

Don't misunderstand this. There are many magnificent things about being human.

I've only experienced how it feels to be a wolf in my dreams. Liberating!!

Now that I've known both sides of the fence... I'm going to greedy and want an ability to switch... transform back and forth! Best of both worlds!?

These feelings... they remind me of my ftm feelings. Female body. Male brain. Hate my body. For those who've never heard of it, there you go! So I will be furious if you call me a lesbian. How can be I be so, if I am a guy? Do you call straight men lesbians? No!

I was never female. Neither gender is better than the other. I am and will always be male.

So what if I have some 'feminine' behaviours. I'm not going to change who I truly am. Not every guy is 100% 'masculine'. To put it bluntly, I'm not overly butch. I walk the fine line between butch and femme. I'm damn proud I do. It's me.

Yet, as a wolf... I can be somewhat human. The understanding guy who knows both sides of the fence very well. I am this way, I can't change it, and I couldn't imagine myself any other way. I am me... or to sum this up;

MeisterWolf MeisterWolf 18-21, M 6 Responses Mar 7, 2010

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Thats the same thing as me! I really want to be 1 but i dont think ill ever get bitten!:)

I once saw through the eyes of a DOG/ wolf. I know what it is like to be a wolf being or have a 'Human' chase me and try and kill me with a gun. I know how they felt and that is why the run for cover and safety when a gun is pointed in their direction. All you can do is Run....

I would love to live in the wild like a wolf! Try to put it as a therian thing!

im a wolf

Whats kind must u be!!:)

I like how you put it. Honestly though, while it feels greedy just to think it, I do still want to have the form - no shifting back and forth; just to be a wolf. I grow weary of this semi-bipedal form that itches to run about on all fours, but has trouble doing so because of society. My legs are slightly shorter than average, so it's not too hard, but no longer do I have the the ability to do so and simply be called an over-imaginative child. I am considered too old for it. I hope you find your place, and that no one tries to keep you out of it.<br />
Beautifully summed up, BTW. "I AM" works wonderfully.