Hi, i'm 15 years old. im a girl. have a normal family. have friends. everyone sees me as the funny person with a smile always on their face. At school I fake a smile to keep people out of my business. when i get home you wouldnt recognize me. my cute shirt goes to a hoodie my miss me jeans get traded in for old sweat pants. my makeup gets washed away with tears. my hair goes from straightened into a sloppy bun. I have done everything from cutting, harming, & almost killing myself. one day on 09/13/11 i was home alone and i've had enough. i went to my cabinet and grabbed a bottle of hydro's poured the bottle into my hand and i sat for about 27 minutes and prayed to god. & i had even wrote a suicide for my parents and my sisters to read. i didnt care anymore and i had texted my friend shortly before telling her what she meant to me and told her i would always love her and she showed up right as i was about to swallow the pills and she tackled me and called my mom. later all i remember was waking up in the hospital. i spent 2 weeks in a rehab for depression. when i was there i realized thats not what god had planned for me. i am now happy i still cut myself. sometimes. just remember you are important and you would be missed. i thank my bestfriend everyday for saving my life. shes my angel. <3
megandavlin megandavlin
Sep 25, 2012