Confessions Of A Bad Girl

I have done so many things I should feel some shame for but I do not. This is my reason for not feeling ashamed I realize only God is perfect. Without mistakes, bad choices and experiences how did I learn. I believed that many people were bad which is why I was sheltered but realized even the worst person in the world has experienced pain. I do believe it is within our control to stop ourselves from being a negative person. I know even in my most manic moment if I desire to regain control I simply have to breathe. I have said mean things and done a few not harmful expect to a spirit because I could not control my anger. I have allowed people to love me knowing that due to certain qualities I could never reciprocate. I have been wild I know more about sex than I do words. I have used so many obscenities I even added my own adjectives to make them original. I have dressed provocatively just because it pleased me.
I have flashed fireman simply because they are my heroes and figured they get lonely in the firehouse. I have experienced so much and it took a few things for me to change.Now I am such a beautiful person who loves life and values all of its gifts. I share my thoughts and if anyone needs a friend on here there are few questions I can not answer.
natalie343 natalie343
31-35, F
Nov 30, 2012