How Does a Loser Get to Be a Winner?

Has it ever gnawed at you, that burning desire to succeed? Has your soul ever cried out: "I want more!"

We are told that we can be anything we want to be, I never remember wanting to be old, alone and poor.  What is the magic formula that the successful seem to have? I haven't discovered in any of those self-delude (sorry self-help) books!

Most dreams have an expiry date. You get to be too old to snowboard, have kids or get a good education.

Childhood dreams are as sweet and uplifting as candy floss balloons. Unfulfilled desires are like fruit past their sell by date. They become rotten, filling your heart with their burning stench. They make your heart as heavy as lead, filling your soul with ballast that will sink you down to hell.

Why wait until the weight of humiliating failures piles up  too much? Why not off yourself now, before things get really bad?

People always tell you:"Things will work out." 

No they don't. No they haven't. Why should you believe empty platitudes from cans? People say these things, not because they are true, but because they are the 'right' things to say.  Not because they have experienced it, but because they want to experience it.

Why do I still want to turn my life around? Why am I like a gambler that keeps on playing? A gambler that is losing all the time. Hoping that the next round will bring the payoff that will compensate for the unending losing streak.    

One has to cash in your chips some time . Why not quit while you are behind? 

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5 Responses Aug 8, 2007

I am not a great fan of religion. After years of piety, I am now a hard-core atheist. I became one a while after penning the little squib you see above. Now I am more relaxed.

college at 32, first child at 42, jobs still sucks though and u will never see me on a snowboard and im getting a divorce, kind of a ying yang thing, not everything in life works out, has good moments though

Ja....I was on the roof of our office block a year ago. As I looked down I thought:"Is this the moment when your cellphone rings and the right person calls to talk you out of it? <br><br />
Is this when someone on the street shouts at you not to do it? <br><br />
Is this the moment when an angel appears?"<br><br />
<br><br />
None of this happened. I realised that this was my decision alone. So I turned around, phoned the helpline, made an appointment with a therapist and started taking my meds again.<br><br />
Boring hah?

Yes, boring. In a sense. But also one of the most inspirational, uplifting comments I've ever read on here somehow - especially after reading your post above. It's kind of got that real, down to earth feel, that it genuinely happened and there was no special thing - you just decided. I believe that's the key. You just decide. I decided last night that today was going to be better than yesterday. It was, because I approached it better. I don't have the key to the successes you list, but I do know that hard work contributes a lot. Good luck my friend.

Leo Buscaglio always said he would be so afraid of standing in front of his Maker to hear:"Why did you do so little, when I gave you so much?"

cuz i'm scared they'll send me a bill for the lack of life i lived ... lol