I Already Have

Got lots of stained pairs.     I love to wet my pants (as I'm English, when I say "pants" I mean "underwear"), and then leave them to dry, and then wet them again, leave them to dry etc.
Another thing I like to do is to wear multiple pairs, and when I'm out and I need a pee I'll go to the toilet, and pull down all but the last pair, which I'll **** in.    Then I'll pull the other pairs back up.    That way I get to be nice and damp, but my jeans/trousers don't show anything, at least not until I've been doing that for hours, and then only a little, and also the outer pairs gradually get more stained as they absorb the pee.
One of these days I'll get round to posting some photos...
mikeplover mikeplover
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3 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I do that as well!! Feels ******* fantastic to marinate my **** in that hot **** for hours, sometimes days :)

I like to do that too, but my wife doesn't allow me to keep my underwear unwashed. I do have a few hidden away.

I look forward to the pics. I've got several pairs of undies that haven't been washed in years. The oldest go back to May of 1995!