A New Sissy

Hi, I'm currently in a marriage where my wife is very dominant. It started innocent enough by me telling her it was a turn-on for me. That was 5 years ago, now what she says goes ALL the time. I do not talk back and when she says jump I DO IT. Anyway, she has learned that pantying me does wonders for my submissive side. One thing leads to another and I am being femmed more and more everyday. I am really starting to love being a sissy. I have high heels, stockings, a drawer full of panties, slips, dresses, camisoles, lipstick, nail polish and on. She tells me I am no longer man enough for her, so I fear she may cuckold me as well. This oddly turns me on. Does anyone else share this lifestyle or feelings

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i do.my wife controls me at all times. she is not mean or excessive, but, i am in chastity many times for long periods. i do get spanked occasionally and have to do house chores. she also makes sure my "male *****" is well satisfied on a daily basis through the use of several strappons. why? because i love her and she loves me, and i love the way she controls me. she doesn't bring in men into the relationship even though i've told her many times i would be happy to set her dates, drive her to her assignations, get her date all ready through liberal use of my mouth, watch and give suggestions on what she likes most and clean both of them with my tonge. so, i say, have a good time with your situation and as long as you BOTH like what's happening keep on.

Oh YES! i have longed for just your situation. It would be a dream come true. Then to have her put me(you) into a chasity device (cb6000) and tease me (you) endlessly, knowing she can and does have sex but i (you) can only give her( or anyone She may choose) orall gifts. Be careful what you wish for, because may get it in spades.

"a drawer full of panties" mmm sounds like heaven, has she made you suck yet in front of her? would you do it if she told you to?

I to would love a wife that would control me. I tried to get my wife to do this, she is the dominate one, but she back off. They only thing to think about is her having sex with somebody else and how it will effect you. For me it would be great as long as I could be the sissy in the relationship. I would not mind cleaning up her studs and her ***** but these are the things that may come. Keep in mind of who you are and love yourself for who you are and no matter what happens you are you and nobody else.<br />
Enjoy the moment<br />

hey keep your wife in your control otherwise she will make you as her slave