hmm yes wtf is up with food cravings? why do they happen?

seriously, my friend that i live with is pregnant and she obviously has food cravings. but its pretty bad when i get it as bad as she does, meanwhile i am certainly not pregnant.

junk food is such a tease

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lol thats true enough.<br />
<br />
thanks lol

I don't remember having cravings when I was pregnant, I was just hungry towards the end of my pregnancy but I understand having cravings. I have cravings now and I'm not pregnant, I think sometimes it's the cool weather and then I crave salty things and then something sweet, it's nutty!!!!<br />
But if you drink something warm, sometimes it will help to make you feel full and warm and fool your body into thinking it's full and satisfied and I like to think of healthy snacks, I will drink a can of V8 tomato juice or an apple and then I don't feel as guilty for my cravings.