Dream #2, July 26, 2010

Back at the house on Lakeside Drive.  Coloring my hair, I "thought" I was coloring it the usual red, but then when I came out of the bathroom it was actually a dark brown with blonde highlights. . . . my daughter, and my friend thought it wasn't "me" so I went back and put in red lowlights . . . and left the dye in while we went to shop for makeup.

Cut to a virtual sephora store. .  .  kind of like in a department store, or salon but you had to talk to the receptionist to get access to where the samples were kept.  So, I schmoozed her (she was way cute!) and she agreed to show me where things were.  (I still have the dye in my hair for some reason).

The "sample room" is in a secret location, she takes me there.  They have samples of EVERYTHING you can imagine in there, from any company, etc. .  I tell her that my friends and I are planning a party, and that I am looking for some very specific "goth" type makup.  Dark lips, blacks & reds & purples, etc...

She takes me to that "section" and proceeds to make me up, but not in a traditional way.  She does very artistic outlining on my mouth with blacks and I add silver / plum to it.  Does a dramatic eye. . . etc. . . and meanwhile my hair is now dry and styled (and has the red lowlights as if by magic  . .  )

No one else is in this room with us.  She tells me how beautiful I am and begins kissing me and caressing me.  Nuzzling my breasts and stroking my hair.  

Time to go . . . now at the "party" and lookin wild with the makeukp & hair. . . . then I woke up.
just2red just2red
41-45, F
Jul 26, 2010