Wanted To For Many Years.

People might think, "You're yourself; you should know and understand who you are," but no, I believe many people like me don't understand our selves. Sometimes I have the feeling that I don't know what I should do and what I really want; I just let it be. But is "letting it be" really myself, or is there a deeper guy inside me who knows exactly what to do? Wondering this, I feel that I'm not myself, I'm someone else that doesn't understand me. I do things that I often don't know the reasons why I do it; I make decisions like that too. If there was a way to let me get to know my inner-self, I would do anything to use that way. Still, deep down, I think it is not possible...
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1 Response Jul 11, 2010

All your concerns here will be answered for you ,it's just hasn't been reveiled to you , It takes time for things to come to us ,for me experiences for me to recognize I am a complicated person therefore it's hardest for me to see the simple truths. I wasn't able to see the forest for the tree's. For myself again it took knowing there was endeed a plan and I was apart of this plan, I don't need to question it and stay in a state of indecision anymore but just to play my part in this plan always mindful that I am to be kind and honest and do the right thing everytime and it will be good and it will be right. You will then be working on what it is you love the most and making a living and having a family. You will be strong and you will be happy which is doing a great thing for each and everyone of us. We need family and friends to help us see who we are everyday or I do. I practice the best I have on my family and they are able to love me and I them and it all seems to come together from there. I see myself through their eye's. sofican