Warning! Darkangel's Eyes May Get Singed A Little . . .

There is something to be said for cloths. They leave much to the imagination, and what would be sexual in reality becomes erotic in the mind. There is something to be said for clothing. That’s why we wear them. But there are times when all good things must be let go of. It is that time my love.

*I trace my hands along every scene and every opening in those silly cloths. As if clothing can keep me out. I slowly begin to raise and lower where cloth demands. Beauty shall not so long be hidden*

There is a beauty in secrets. All things good grow, not shrivel, in the dark. But what is the use of a peacock whose feathers are not struck by the sun? The peacock will not display his feathers to anyone, only his beloved. I ask you to do the same my love.

*layers upon layers of cloth adorn her skin. Why have cloth upon cloth? Ah - to protect secret treasures – I see. I trace my fingers along these second layers of the tortoise’s shell. Wary of traps and monsters as every adventurer must be. I think it is safe*

There are some to whom secrets can be spilled and veils removed. You are no bride that I must lift to kiss. Darkness hides yet someday sun must reveal. White skin may not be fare to your eyes but that is for me, not you to judge. Love is the blending of two parts. Nothing remains covered.

*The last barriers removed I hold her close I kiss what treasures I find, and worship at them. I love you in all your parts. Without any adornment. I love you without that silly mask. I show you this*

I love you.

your turn. :D
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*waves at audience and draws curtain*

Since you met me? I saw those looks . . .

DA - Can't say I didn't warn you. . . *brings out eye ointment and highfives her back* I think our mission was successful . . . <br />
<br />
SF - I disn't think I put anything THAT profound. . . what do you mean? <br />
<br />
*giggles* Well look who's feeling desc<x>riptive. . . you still haven't finished yours - last I checked anyway. :)

Did ya HAVE to put my name in the title??! I got curious and came here, and what do I get?? BURNED EYES!!! D:<br />
<br />
But, nonetheless, wonderful way of expressing your feelings.... I'm sure Floydess will be beetroot red when she sees it. =P *high-fives brother-in-law*