This Moment...

Looking into your eyes

Not speaking a word

Sigh…passion in the air.

Unbuckling your belt

Taking off your pants

With madness

Socks and shoes being thrown on the floor

Buttons falling down

Riping off your shirt

Last piece, the undies

I am in hurry

Running your fingers through my hair

Touching between my legs

Take me in your arms

Bite me with a kiss

Taking us to heaven

Fullfilling our wishes


Seeing the stars

Making me complete



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7 Responses Nov 5, 2008

Wow....taking you to utopia.

Nice! I feel this way with my lover. You described it perfectly!

passion unspoken, acted upon with complete ferver

Wow! Hot flashes in my advancing years, there goes my internal thermostat again. It's getting hot in here.

Very passionate picture. I salute you!

Ooooo, gave me goose bumps. Very nice.

I like this poem, It touches deep into the primal and exotic parts of ourselves!