To Be Turned Loose

For you to get all of my dear attentions that I have:

Kissing you deeply every time we see each other for it seems like a forever since we saw each other last.

Holding your body tightly next to mine cause you fit so perfectly against me.

Looking into your eyes for I fall so deeply into them.

Nibbling on your ear lobe causing shivers to through your whole body.

Feeling the heat off your sex as I hover above it enjoyment of the tension before it is released.

Sucking on your breasts, playing with your nipples as hard as they get.

You holding me in your hands playing with the tip as drops of wetness come out to coat your hand.

Can't wait to be able to unleash my passions, love and lust upon you my dear sweet one for it is all being built up to the time that we see each other again....

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41-45, M
14 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Sure she had a great time, but think she might have a great time with me also....

But hey, what else would a girl expect from me

and obviously the action was GREAT. The pleas ure was mostly Pixs as can been seen by the photographic evidence

*blush* ;-)

But I have to admit getting into Pixs nixs was fun

Yea, yea... That is what they all say...

LOL!!!!!! You just can't trust anyone these days!!!! ;-)

It was the 3rd man wot done it. We was fr<x>amed

DOH!!!! Guess he shouldn't have shared? LOL!!!! said you were going to be careful that those pictures never ended up on the internet!!!!


Wow that's the pic of me and Pix,where did it come from,,,but it was FUN

Not too long now..... *wink*

Man oh Man!!!!!!!! :-)