To Use Ep As a Healing Tool Is the Reason I Joined

This is pretty much the reason I joined ep. I am actually opposed to social networking sites like facebook and myspace. The only reason I joined up is because I don't feel I can trust anyone I know enough to share my soul-crushing, seemingly unchangable problems with. So this is basically a last effort to find real hope because I feel that this physical experience will be coming to an end soon. Please check my profile and the experience thats on there because I just need to hear something genuine, a genuine reaction or advice about my problem. I just want it straight with no sugar coating or anything. I just want the truth from those whose opinions are valued on the subject that experience deals with (women).

22-25, M
2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Yeah this site seems different. I can't tell if you are a deep thinker cause it seems that you are blocking people with mature content.. :

I to do not use myspace or facebook. This site is different though. You seem deep thoughted.