I Sizzled My Balls

I can't believe I'm gonna put this story out there. Back several years ago the Mrs traveled quite a lot and was gone for 1-3 weeks at a time. I had plenty of time to do what ever I wanted . I got into electro play with a tens unit that was fun but with my high pain tolerance I soon reached it's limit. That lead me to do the following which I strongly suggest no-one attempts.

I would put on a 3 in. leather ball stretcher with a separator strap to also keep the boys apart not very tight but enough to hold my balls away from my body and apart from each other through a strong contraction of the spermatic chords. I would then skewer each testicle from the bottom/ back into the meat of the middle of each testicle with a 2 in long 18 gauge hypodermic needle. To that I would use a spring connector on the blunt end of the needle (plastic removed) for connection to these springs I would also connect a 6 foot piece of stranded light gauge phone wire. Here is where it gets intense I then would hook that up to a 120 volt model train transformer that produces 12 volts and huge amperage, enough to run several N gauge trains at once. The 1st time I turned it on it was just a tingle at 1. I turned it up to 2 and it was pretty intense. It was then I decided to run the transformer through a wall switch to make control a on or off thing so I would not have to try to work the dial of the trnsfmr. I turned it up to 4 out of 10 hit the wall switch to on and it dropped me like a rock , my legs were near paralyzed for 10 or 15 seconds.

. It was then I decided to tape a trip line to the switch so if I fell again and I did many times,the power would be shut off. Over the next few weeks I got up to 6 and could remain standing. I tried 7 once and the contraction was so intense that pure ***** or at least that's how it tasted, squirted from the open end of the needle. Really what else is clear and is deep in the interior of mid testicle. @ 7 there started to be real damage ...I could smell burnt flesh in the air. I continued to play at the lower settings the contractions of the testes was exquisite and the pain almost unbearably intense yes very very intense pain ...loved it. I would ********** and have GR8 **** but more from the excitement than any electric enhancement. Got to the edge of tolerance which is my Idea of fun and haven't done it since Pretty crazy Huh???
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Are you suggesting that a model train transformer can be used to improvize a TENS unit or determine that you like electro stim or not? Just how would you arrange this for a non-experienced first-timer? I understand the lowest, "one" setting was too low, and "Two" was quite enough.<br />
As I recall these train transformer, there's a red paddle or neddle that can be swept right or left to move the train forward or reverse...which I guess means the polarity of the applied power reverses.<br />
Just how would you arrange what sort of electrodes for the inexperienced? I don't want to burn nor shock or kill myself.<br />
<br />
The only non-train application I ever made with my transformer is one day when I separated Hydrogen and Oxygen from water when placing the electrods under water in a dishpan and collected the bubbling gases in an upturned test tube. The collected gas (two to one ratio) was explosive to a match, so I counted the experiment to be a success. But since then, I have never attempted skin conductivity. But I might be willing to try with some advice and encouragement.<br />
What say you?

Please explain why you think it was producing Nitrogen...and what do you make of the 2-to-1 ration?

Thank you, apology accepted.
And I agree, it is explosive and if enough is made, you could injure yourself and your household. That's why it's only a science experiment.