I Enjoy Tens

short story. the last 10 times or so i have started my tens unit at 20 with one pad over my ******* and the other under the head of my penis. i start slow bring my self to full mast and start increasing the power when im at full power of 100 it will just take a few more second before i shoot and it seems that i want it more and more
51-55, M
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Been there, done that. Doing it every time I check EP.

Has anyone tried it with a pad on a metal tablespoon in the ***?
How did you like it? What did it feel like?

i plan to do this soon. have u ever put on a sound going in or near bladder. it not to bad in a good way

WARNING: NEVER put the pads on opposite sides of the chest or on heart and chest. It can interfere with your heart signals and function. For example, don't put one on each nipple!. Put only one on a nipple and the other one to that side of the body AWAY from the heart.
WARNING: DO NOT put it anywhere on your head or front part of your neck.

Check out the other warnings that come with the device.

Mine doesn't work any more so will order a new one with other types of electro stim , etc. IF or whatever it is called. Any suggestions?

I tried it only afew times foe sexual stim.... I used a table spoon in my ***, with pad on the spoon part and used handle in my *** . not bad.

try amazon and ebay. or even some sex web sites and stores carry a version of one i would start with google. kinky medical supply or http://www.otcwholesale.com/muscle-stimulators.html

sounds like lots of fun!

it is

I really want to purchase a good unit. Any suggestions will be appreciated as to model and where to buy.

Never heard of this.

you havent? its like a electrical stimulator that physical therapist use on muscles. current has very little or no amps the bad part of electricity. and feels very good

Where do I get one?

u can find them on amazon

Thank you.

no problem

When I googled TENS, the orc site came up. I t does have good prices. TY.

Correction: the OTC site came up.

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looks like ill be trying something new tonight,,,lol

u really gotta

i never thought of trying it, now i cant wait to get home, and play,,lol

u could start by one pad on butt cheek and one some where on shaft or head of your ****. u may what to start on shaft then move to head. then go for 2 pads on ****

never tried it with a pad on my *******, got to try it today.

let me know what u think

I do that too. I also like a pad on each ball, one at the base of my **** and one on the head. I usually put the black (-) leads on the balls and the red (+) leads on the **** and slowly raise the power. I can change the frequency on my unit as well as cause it to fade up and down or pulse. I work it upto full power, which can sometimes hurt, and it always gives me an awesome ***.