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I want to use speed, when i see how fat I am naked! I already dont eat much. Not that I want to not be able to eat, it is just that i cant. I amso discusted with my fat self that I food has no apeal. I eat 300 cal on a real real good day. But mostly i can only get water down! I even smoke weed and i still just cant stand what my belly feels like full. I know im sick. But i cant help it. So i want to use so i can loose faster.
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26-30, F
1 Response Jun 29, 2007

ive been like that before remotely, 800 cal, the more you starve yourself and do speed, the worse your life will get... exercise and eat healthy, slowly increase cal and activity...not too fast...do not over exercise if someone is just attracted physically to you, you dont want to be with them any way, i wish you the best